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Ravenfell Manor is a majority DIY yard haunt based on the dark fantasy book series Ravenfell Chronicles: Origins by Brand J. Alexander. It is a gallery of enchantingly dark artistry, with a little fun mixed in.

Stand before the ominous gates of Ravenfell Manor, grown from the gnarled branches of the Ravenwood Tree, roots feasting from the boneyard of graves and tombs that proliferate the manor grounds beyond. Beware, what dies here rarely remains dead.


Do you dare enter? Beaumont Ravenfell, the manor’s master, is an avid collector of monstrosities and summoner of demons. His beasts stalk the grounds freely and feed upon whatever or whomever they desire. Fenris the Werewolf and Arachnea the Broodmother are just the first of many horrors that await you.


Risk the old crone’s curse within the Witches’ Hollow and the lair of Hildegard Ravenfell. Her many potions are as lethal as the denizens that prowl nearby. Perhaps you will even glimpse the Raven King, the spiritual founder of the family’s lineage, as he slips between shadows in the dark of night.

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